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Full Service. Full Ideas. Full Strategy.

Who we are

Owner-managed Complan Medien GmbH was established as a full-service communications agency in 1976. Today, we work at two locations with around 25 employees and a network of freelance creatives and specialists. Our offices in Berlin and Bonn assist mainly companies, associations and institutions in the retail and service sectors.

What we can do for you

Our services comprise the full range of organizational and brand communication, from touchpoint analyses, desk and field research, strategic advice and the conceptualization of online and offline media through to their realization and implementation in all the relevant internal and external channels. Current focal points are, among others:

  • Organizational development, incl. corporate culture, employee retention and corporate responsibility
  • Brand strategies, incl. the development of internal and external branding measures
  • Development of media and tools for industry, training and human resources marketing

How we see ourselves

Our task is to develop and structure relationships with and for our customers – analog, digital and person to person. We see our role as

  • Dialog partner: Internally and when dealing with our clients we especially value openness, loyalty and a partnership of equals.
  • Service provider: For large and small projects, we dedicate ourselves to our clients’ goals, work as an extended workbench and frequently also put out fires.
  • Brainstormer: Be it text, image or audio, print, web or mobile – every creative output is strategically aligned. This allows us to develop effective and forward-thinking concepts and media in a team with our clients.
  • Networker: Successful communication needs common touchpoints – with stakeholders and communities, in practice and theory.

Many good and even many more better ideas

We love all good ideas. But we discard them immediately if a better one comes along when we are mulling things over, discussing, brainstorming, riding the train, sailing, jogging or mowing the lawn. We do not keep the very best ideas for ourselves but have been selling them successfully to our clients for more than 30 years. Ideas are at the core of our services and the fuel for brand and communication missiles.

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  • Philips
  • Nokia
  • Siemens
  • [:de]DHL[:]
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  • [:de]DP[:]



Complan entwickelt Vermarktungs- und Kommunikationsstrategien, formuliert punktgenaue Botschaften und gestaltet eingängige Online- und Offline-Medien, die in geeigneten Kanälen platziert werden. Dabei entstehen u. a. Broschüren, Videos,  Websites, Events und Personalanzeigen aus eigenem Know-how und in Zusammenarbeit mit einem Netz bewährter Partner.


Good advertising communicates a message effectively and to the point presenting it in such a refreshing way that consumers and decision-makers are put in the shopping mood right away. But the best ideas are only effective when they are in line with a target-oriented, coherent strategy and a product, marketing and communication tactic. And that is where our passion lies.

Child and youth marketing

Promoting education is a matter for the heart – and an investment in future employees, partners and clients. Complan has created high-quality teaching materials for around 20 years for companies and associations that teachers enjoy working with and do so successfully. Employees who are competent in teaching and have expertise are in close dialog with school, school authorities, universities and companies.

Internal and external branding

Active brand management is a key element of strategic company management and a source of additional value creation. The tools used range from brand analysis and strategy through to the development of brand values and the roll-out.The best messengers are convinced employees. Complan knows how to convert staff to convinced fans of your brand.

Corporate publishing

Responsible employees, stakeholders and clients want to be informed correctly and appropriately. We develop comprehensive concepts and realize them, among others, in the form of employee and client magazines, service catalogs or company reports. The topics covered are varied and range from the further development of the corporate culture, the presentation of industry knowledge or corporate responsibility or the documentation of shareholder returns.

Public Relations

For successful press and public relations work, we also use the full range of PR and journalistic diversity as well as the power of kick-off campaigns and social networks. We discover new topics, formulate positions and prepare information so that the media can access it in the interests of their readers, listeners and viewers and start dissemination by word-of-mouth.


Events and productions staged by the agency stand for authenticity, turn brands into experiences and are lived, integrated communication in the context of a higher level product, brand or marketing strategy.

Research and consulting

We shed light on all questions concerning communication, brand strategy and corporate culture for our clients. We analyze the mesh of relations of interactions and touchpoint, point out optimization potentials and develop customized solutions and training concepts – based on many years of experience in coaching in companies and at the Universities of Hamburg, Erfurt and St. Gallen.

  • Dialog marketing
  • Strategy
  • Education marketing
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Human Resources marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Events
  • Youth marketing


Group-wide measures in the areas of brand marketing, corporate publishing, responsibility and human resources marketing as well as in the context of the promotion of culture
Conceptualization, advice, text and design in the context of brand management with measures in the areas of corporate publishing (internal and external), responsibility, sponsoring and branding

As active in the areas of internal/external branding and product marketing as in corporate publishing, public relations and child and youth marketing

Conceptualization and production of a tool kit for sales promotion

Presentation of strategies, activities, commitment and success of the technology group in corporate publishing by journalistic means

Marketing activities for Microsoft’s educational commitments using advertising, dialog marketing and public relations

Responsible for all public relations as the external press office for Stadtlicht GmbH and in coordination with the Berlin Senate

Strategic-didactic advice and creation of materials in the areas of educational commitment and promotion of young talent for the industry association

Cross-sectoral convention as a B2B event for trade, industry and academia in the electrical engineering, automation technology, energy, IT, healthcare, household appliances, heating, ventilation and residential construction industries

Information events and educational marketing counter critical reporting and public opinion on the topic of mobile communications and support the industry communication measures taken by the association in an objective way

Image campaigns, lifestyle events and sales promotion as well as press and public relations work for industry and trade in the glass, porcelain and cutlery sector

Present and ready to serve.

You will find us where our clients are. Only in this way can client proximity be real and lived. We are based in Berlin and Bonn.

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